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What is the Strategonomics "Brand"?

Strategonomics Global Network ("SGN") is trade name for the global brand  --"Jimmy Wilson"-- Managing Principal of various strategic alliances. Teams are built around projects and programs. Strategic partners, staff, including interns are respectfully referred to as "iWETM".

  • iWETM help clients to transform challenges into exceptional opportunities, with 21st Century imaging, strategic development management, planning, consensus building, deal/financing placement and execution.
  • iWETM  core competencies  cross business categories/lines, including Organizational Development/Governance, Small/Diversity Business Startups/Retention/Expansions, Merchandising and Leasing, Healthcare (Retail) Amenities Planning, Military Base Realignment and Closures ("BRAC"), Infrastructure/emergency Preparedness/Disaster Recovery, Main Street Revitalization,  Emerging Markets/International Trade, Governmental  Relations, with a special focus on ENTERTAINMENT (Amusement, Fashion Design & Retail, Hollywood , Nightlife, "shopper-tainment", Sports)
  • iWETM client services are streamlined and efficiently delivered through a network of global strategic alliances with professional organizations, firms, and individuals. Such allows for projects/programs to be completed within time frames and limited budgets.
  • iWETM are passionate about connecting clients and resources to create value.
  • iWETM are confidantes, maintaining all sensitive client information in strict confidence. It is this level of "fiduciary trust" that has sustained the firm for twenty five years. Such confidentiality eases the way for clients to develop relationships with influential people around the globe.
  • iWETM has a global network built around trustworthy, innovative, and socially responsible people.
  • iWETM invite those into our network, in order to start a dialog to determine if there is a "fit in the space" around skills, need, passion, diversity and geography ...
  • iWETM ignite "enthusiasm" and "will", bringing projects and programs to life! 
  • iWE™ are always interested in reviewing new business relationships and opportunities that cross business categories and lines. 
  • iWE™ encourages you to make contact to discuss your business needs.


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