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Jimmy Wilson has networked and represented  various sports “brands” on global, national and regional platforms, including the below:

Billy Jean King          - Assisted with interactions of Pam Derderian of 15 Minutes
Franco Harris            - Assisted with business development of SuperBakery, inc.
Gino Marchetti           - Assisted with leasing first  Gino’s in a shopping center (Burlington Mall)
Mohammed Ali          - Assisted with planning baked goods shop in (Silver Spring, MD)
Lionel Hampton         - Assisted with business strategizing
Sam Davis                  - Assisted with expanding and funding gifts shops called Only Happiness
Nancy Liebermann    - Assisted with opening Sports Reflections at Gallery (Philadelphia)
Martina Navratilova  - Assisted with opening Sports Reflections at Gallery (Philadelphia)

To name a few...

Services Rendered