iWE™ earned a J.D. degree in Business Law, University of Baltimore.
Merritt School of Law and B.S., Mathematics, Morgan State University,
licensed to practice (good standing) in Maryland and Commonwealth of
iWE™ provide global business advisory services, envisioning the
future of business trends, identify those that clients should focus
upon, and then use a vast personal network of business contacts
to provide the various components that clients need to reach their
targeted goals, and make money. iWE™ have an equal ability to
follow, as well as lead in diverse team environments, a genuine
interest in cutting-edge innovations, an understanding of “brand”
protection, Disney-style client service, technology savvy and a quick
Prior to becoming an entrepreneur, iWE™ served as Regional Leasing
Manager, The Rouse Company (regional shopping centers).
Cumulative project management sales and marketing staffs,
nationwide exceeded 84, generating retail sales in excess of $2.5
billion. Responsibilities expanded to managing 16 national retail
chain accounts, institutionalizing “graduated rents”, "co-branding",
and execution of “letters of intent”, becoming standards widely used
in the industry today. In addition, directed commercial real estate
development management, retail merchandising and leasing for 14
regional urban marketplaces and shopping centers, comprising 16
states and associated field offices, with grand opening attendances
in excess of 4.5 million spectators. Managed a sales and marketing
staff of 12 at Bayside Marketplace (Miami) with a budget in excess
of $20,000,000, generating retail sales in excess of $100,000,000.
Bayside ignited the birth of South Beach!
A proven leader with an impressive track record in both the public and
private sector, networked and closed deals with numerous influentials,
recognized as a seasoned speaker and conference presenter, and
served on various boards and advisory committees.
iWE™ were engaged to provide a Professional Business Plan for a
BRAC location, responsible for the commercialization of a 1,250-acre
site (with 400 buildings).
During President Bush’s State of the Union Address, a client, faith-
based initiative project (Philadelphia) was highlighted, which we
provided feasibility, market condition, retail planning and finance
iWE™ have owned seven businesses (Detroit, Philadelphia, New York,
District of Columbia, Maryland and California) in fields as diverse as
business and economic development advisory services, development
management implementation, retail, fast food and restaurant
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